How many children are in a Lingua Fanatics class?

Pre-school – maximum 8 children
Age 5+ – maximum 12 children

Why should I choose La Jolie Ronde?

Children learn that they need to practise to become fluent. Practice takes many forms from the exercises, games and activities completed with the tutor, to the use of the learning App and activity books at home. Being actively involved means having fun and feeling confident. La Jolie Ronde is more than a club, it is an enjoyable learning experience. Children return year after year and are introduced to more songs, games and activities.

The whole programme is tested and proven, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are not experimenting on your child with different teaching methods. La Jolie Ronde has been used successfully by thousands of children in the many language centres and schools around the world.

At what age should my child start to learn a new language?

Scientific research has shown that babies are born with the ability to distinguish all the possible sounds of the world languages.  They have a greater capacity for tuning into foreign language sounds than at any other time in their lives.  The younger your child is the better they are at acquiring languages as young children are more relaxed and better at imitating sounds and pronunciation. The more they enjoy learning a language when they are young, the more likely they are going to find it a positive experience when they are older.

You will be amazed how much they take in and how quickly they learn!

Should I choose French or Spanish?

Both languages are fun and easy for children to learn with La Jolie Ronde and all the Harpenden secondary schools now offer both French and Spanish so it is really up to individual preference. There seem to be two trains of thought:

  1. Learn French as that is what is offered as part of the Primary school curriculum, usually from year 3, and it will help them once they start French at school.
  2. Learn Spanish from pre-school as French will be offered by year 3 and they will then have an extra language as well as the skills to pick up another language more easily.

How will my child’s progress be monitored?

You can email your child’s tutor at any time and ask how they are doing in class.

What level of French will my child have attained by completing the course?

The La Jolie Ronde programme is taught in a variety of situations: formally in schools, as part of the curriculum, or less formally in Language Centres or as an extra-curricular activity. Each of these will have its own language learning objectives: some will concentrate on listening and oral confidence; others will want to include reading and writing proficiency as well. According to the learning context, your child will be able to develop his/her language learning potential, with the course providing opportunities to reach Level 4 of the National Curriculum Attainment Targets in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Whatever level of performance is reached in these 4 skills, your child will be used to manipulating and communicating in a foreign language and will have acquired quite a broad vocabulary. He/she will have begun to read and write independently in French or Spanish and have the confidence to make the most of his/her language learning at Secondary School.

How much does it cost?

There are no membership fees. Classes are inexpensive and good value for money. Fees vary depending on location but are generally £7 per half hour (for a minimum of 6 children/class) and £9 for 45 min (for aminimum of 6 children/class). Children have an activity book and access to the La Jolie Ronde App which last up to two years.