Lingua Fanatics classes offer

  • A unique, carefully structured and proven language course for children
  • Fun activity books and online material via app
  • Conversation, basic grammar, games, role-plays, rhymes and stories, all helping to make learning more fun
  • An awareness of the country, its geography and culture
  • Small classes so your child can get plenty of individual attention
  • Guidance for parents to encourage and help your child at home.
  • Carefully selected and trained tutors so that your child starts learning from the very first day by imitating a good accent
  • Certificates awarded on completion of each programme
  • An experience that will help your child at Secondary school, giving him/her confidence and good grounding for future learning.
  • A weekly email after each class with what has be done in class and how to reinforce at home.

A happy learning experience!

Lingua Fanatics pupils learn to communicate in a foreign language. That is to say, they acquire skills which will apply to learning any foreign language. They learn to listen, observe and imitate. They look for clues to help them understand – they learn to interpret gesture, expression and body language and to respond within the context of the conversation. These are skills which will be invaluable at Secondary school.

With La Jolie Ronde method, the transition to Secondary language learning has been carefully prepared. La Jolie Ronde tutors are carefully selected and trained so that your child starts learning from the very first day by imitating the best accent possible. They encourage children to express themselves in French/Spanish as much as possible and not to worry too much about making a mistake. French/Spanish is used as much as possible for instructions and easy phrases. However, English is used too, as it is important for your child to understand exactly what is said and what is expected of him/her.

Lingua Fanatics is more than a club, it is an enjoyable learning experience. Children return year after year and are introduced to more songs, games and activities.

What happens during a Lingua Fanatics lesson? The structure of each lesson involves repetition and reinforcement in order to build confidence, but new vocabulary is also introduced during every lesson. Each session is very varied with songs, games, stories for the younger ones and role-plays and drama for the older children. Emphasis is very much on spoken French/Spanish. Older pupils are introduced to the written form, but always through a fun activity.

Lingua Fanatics classes use the La Jolie Ronde method of teaching. Established in 1983, La Jolie Ronde’s course offers a unique, carefully structured and proven language course for children of 0-11 years, to help them excel in French and Spanish.

The La Jolie Ronde method presents basic grammar through the language activities so that it is taken on board naturally as part of the process of learning to communicate. Everything is introduced through interesting and enjoyable tasks.

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