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PostHeaderIcon Testimonial- H Huxley

I was thrilled on a recent visit to the zoo when Charlotte was walking along and completely unprompted started listing the names of the animals in Spanish! Proud mummy moment!!  We are looking forward to the next term already!

H Huxley

PostHeaderIcon Testimonial-H Huxley

Charlotte has really enjoyed her Spanish lessons with Kate and I am amazed at what she remembers after a half an hour lesson once a week! The lessons have not only started her on her journey in learning another language but she has made new friends and had lots of fun!

H Huxley

PostHeaderIcon Testimonial-Daisy

“I like singing all the songs best. I’m glad I’ve learnt Spanish otherwise I couldn’t have asked for ice cream on holiday.”

Daisy, pre school Spanish class

PostHeaderIcon Testimonial-KAtwell

“James really enjoys your classes and wants to continue until he “knows all the words!” He is indeed very enthusiastic! He is looking forward to your class tomorrow and has been since last week.”

K Atwell

PostHeaderIcon Testimonial-ECreasy

“Thank you  for the excitement and joy your lessons bring to our household! When I ask Carla what was the best thing that happened to her during the day, the reply is usually flapjack, but on Wednesday it is always Spanish……and flapjack!!!”

E Creasy

PostHeaderIcon Testimonial-Nathan and Lauren

“Nathan and Lauren are doing so well with their Spanish. They understand an unbelievable amount of the language for their age (3.5yrs and 2yrs). I’m very pleased I started their language learning so early, while they’re like little sponges! ”

Nathan and Lauren, toddler Spanish class

PostHeaderIcon Testimonial-Rosie

“Rosie has spent her holiday counting from 1 to 10 in French… She loves her classes and her teacher Elise!”

Rosie, French pre school class

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